80% of people’s problems r abt hw dey fil abt themselves.

1. Dont waste 1 moment in regret, 4 2 thnk of de mistakes of de past is 2 re-infect urself.
Neville Goddard( 1905-1972)
2. Holding on 2 anger is lyk graspin a hot coal with de intent of throwin it at sum1; u r de 1 gettin burnt.
Gautama Budha(563-483 BC)
A wise man recognizes dat de weld is bt an illusion, das nt act as if it is real, so he escapes de suffering.


De power within us

Wt dis power is I can’t say
Al I knw is dat it exists
N it is nt in2 sum of us bt in evry1
Der is a greatest power within us
De power dat frees us
frm al de weight
N pains of life
It is de power dat motivates us
2 do watever we wish 2 do
It conquers al thins in de universe
N no 1 cn take it away frm us
De real secret 2 dis power
It is being conscious of dis power
N de measure of it
Is power without measure
So wt dis power is?
2 me, if it is nt love
Upon me, had I proved
4 I only knw dat it exists.